Escape Challenge Kits

An escape room style experience for kids

Escape Challenge Kits

An escape room style experience for kids


We design escape challenge games for children to be used in the home. We also offer personalised escape games for children's parties.

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About the escape challenge Games

Our escape challenge games provide an escape room style experience for children at home. Use the clues to find the puzzle pieces, solve the puzzles and crack the code to escape.

A great way to build children's logic, problem solving, math and reasoning skills in a fun way. 

The kits are easy to set up in the house and each kit contains everything needed for the challenge. Full set up instructions and detailed solutions are provided.



Our Escape Challenge Kits

Each of our Escape Kits has a completely unique mission, with a completely different set of puzzles and clues for the children to solve, providing a completely different experience with each kit.

There are 4 escape challenge game kits to choose from:

1. Fairy Dust Escape Challenge

2. De-Railed Escape Challenge

3. Witching Hour Escape Challenge

4. Alien Invasion Escape Challenge

We also make Special Limited Edition games throughout the year. We currently have two special limited edition games available to order:

1. Eid al Adha Escape challenge: £12 plus pp. The children learn about the rites of hajj and the story of Eid, whilst having fun!

2. Lockdown survivors Escape challenge: £14 plus pp. Celebrate with the children when lockdown is finally over!

To order our Lockdown Survivors game and the Witching Hour game please complete the contact us form and we will be in touch!

How the Kits Work

Children will need to solve clues, which will lead them to puzzle pieces. 

They must use their skills to sort the puzzle pieces together to make up 5 puzzles which need to be cracked. 

The solved puzzles will lead them to the correct code/elements needed to crack the code and escape.

Personalised Escape Challenges

An extra special experience

Make your child's experience even more special by personalising your escape challenge kit based on a theme of a party, names and clues to specific places in your home for that extra magical touch. Get in touch with us for more information.

Our escape challenge games make a unique party experience for children.

The possibilities really are endless......

The Possibilities are endless....

Add a treat box!

What would make these escape challenge games even more special?. TREAT AND PRIZE BOXES OF COURSE!

Why not add a treat box to go alongside your escape challenge game to add more magic to your children's experience. The children will find treats and prizes as they search for clues and puzzles, to make the games even more fun and provide an extra treat for them!

The treat boxes can also be customised to suit your preferences and budget. Prices start at £10 per box of treats.  

Get in touch today to talk to us about how we can add even more magic to your children's special day!